Photo Gallery

Security Expert “Wild” Bill Stanton
and Rob after a Contender Workout

Celebrity bodyguard and former heavyweight contender “Rocks” and Rob after a fight

Burt Young (Paulie from Rocky) and Rob at Westchester’s “Hot Spot” Tre Dici North

“Trainer to the stars” Gunnar Peterson and Rob at an LA Clippers game

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole
and Rob out on the town.


Heavyweight Champion
“Iron” Mike Tyson with Rob

Duke Basketball and
USA Basketball Head Coach
Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski with Rob

Victor Cruz with Rob Forcelli

New York Giants Receiver
Victor Cruz with Rob

Allan Houston with Rob Forcelli

Former New York Knicks Great
Allan Houston with Rob

Grant Hill and Rob Forcelli

NBA great Grant Hill with Rob
and Steve Starker at Duke’s K Academy

Usher and Rob Forcelli

Singing sensation Usher with Rob

Joe Montana and Rob Forcelli

NFL legendary quarterback
Joe Montana with Rob

Joe Girardi and Rob Forcelli

Former NY Yankees catcher and current NY Yankees manager
Joe Girardi with Rob

Bonnie Bernstein and Rob Forcelli

Sportscaster Bonnie Bernstein
and Rob

Sable and Rob Forcelli

Wrestling great Sable
and Rob

Roy Jones Jr. and Rob Forcelli

World Champion boxer
Roy Jones Jr. with Rob

Oscar De La Hoya and Rob Forcelli

Olympic Gold medalist and
World Champ
Oscar De La Hoya and Rob

Marcus Camby and Rob Forcelli

NBA basketball player
Marcus Camby with Rob

LeRoy Neiman and Rob Forcelli

World Renowned artist
Leroy Neiman
with Rob in Las Vegas

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Forcelli

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Forcelli

Felix Trinidad and Rob Forcelli

World Champion boxer Felix “Tito”
Trinidad with Rob

Don Mattingly and Rob Forcelli

Former New York Yankees
1st Baseman
Don Mattingly with Rob

Coors Light Twins and Rob Forcelli

Coors Light Twins with Rob at
Maxim Party in Houston

Nick Lachey and Rob Forcelli

Pop star Nick Lachey and Rob

Marcus Allen and Rob Forcelli

NFL running back great
Marcus Allen and Rob

Joumana Kidd and Rob Forcelli

“Extra” anchor
Joumana Kidd with Rob

Jim Jackson and Rob Forcelli

NBA player Jim Jackson with Rob

Eric Dickerson and Rob Forcelli

NFL great running back
Eric Dickerson

Congressman Jack Kemp and Rob Forcelli

Congressman Jack Kemp and Rob

Bonnie Bernstein, Joumana Kidd, and Rob Forcelli

Bonnie Bernstein, Rob, and
Joumana Kidd out at party

DJ and MC Dougie Fresh and Rob Forcelli

One of the greatest DJ’s and MC’s of
all time Dougie Fresh with Rob

Michael Strahan and Rob Forcelli

Former New York Giants defenseman Michael Strahan
with Rob at NJ Nets game

Iran "The Blade" Barkley and Rob Forcelli

Former World Champ Iran ” The Blade” Barkley with Rob after a workout

"Gentleman" Gerry Cooney and Rob Forcelli

Former Heavyweight Contender “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney with Rob

Chuck Wepner and Rob Forcelli

Chuck Wepner and Rob Forcelli. Chuck’s life inspired Sylvester Stallone to make the movie “Rocky”.

Carl Banks and Rob Forcelli

Former New York Giants
defenseman Carl Banks with Rob

Rocks De Leon (Celebrity bodyguard) and Rob Forcelli

Rocks De Leon and Rob Forcelli
Celebrity bodyguard

Chris Duhon and Rob Forcelli
New York Knicks guard
Chris Duhon with Rob