Golden Gloves Bouts are Heavy on Action

February 2nd, 2002 - New York Daily News

The first of the heavyweight novice fights were on the Daily News Golden Gloves card last night, and they provided several short but action-packed bouts.

Few were shorter or more exciting than the meeting between Jason Degarmo and Christian Nieves, which featured a fierce Round 2 exchange that left Nieves out cold in the center of the ring.

The bout started innocently enough as they pushed and shoved their way through Round 1. Then the bell rang for Round 2, and it was all action as the heavyweights stood toe-to-toe, firing away at each other. As the punches flew, Degarmo landed a right to the chin that sent Nieves down and silenced the Webester PAL crowd.

Degarmo went home with the win and P.C. Richard Boxer of Night honors.

Robert Forcelli set the tone for the class by stopping Patrick Curley 40 seconds into Round 2. The 32-year-old personal trainer had surgery to repair a damaged right shoulder, just to take one shot at a pair of Golden Gloves.

The shoulder held up fine and so did the left. Forcelli used a left hook to put Curley down in Round 1. Another left hook-right hand combo forced a standing eight count later in the same round.

Another Forcelli left-right followed, and it was over.

In another battle, Vincent Amarino, 26, from Staten Island, needed only one minute to end the night for an overmatched Vincent DeGennaro.

The Daily News Golden Gloves resumes Tuesday at the Schwartz PAL Center, 127 Pennsylvania Ave., Brooklyn N.Y. First bout 8 p.m.

Source: New York Daily News