Speedbody is a home-based fitness video program designed to transform both the body and mind through weight loss, improved muscle tone, and increased energy levels. The main objective of this program is to provide a healthy and structured system which will alter a person’s physique and change his/her appearance. In fact, Rob Forcelli personally guarantees that you will lose 5 pounds in 5 days by following the plan.

The Speedbody program is not just an exercise video. It is a series of three different workouts focused on cardiovascular fitness and circuit training in addition to a 5-day meal plan created by a dietitian. The workouts, which are fun and easy to follow, combine cardio, strength, and sculpting together by utilizing a two pound ball and light to medium weight dumbbells. Each individual workout is divided into 3 minute high intensity rounds with a short break in between. The exercises are motivating because of the pace of the movements, the detailed instruction, and the inspiring music.

Safety and fun are the hallmarks to Forcelli’s Speedbody. All you need to get started is a positive winning attitude and an ambitious drive to succeed. As an introduction to the system, the viewer is encouraged to begin by watching the “Top Ten Tips,” which is a guide to how to perform all the motions in the proper and safe fashion. The three workouts utilized in the program are: 1) 45-Minute Full Body Fast Track 2) 18-Minute Blast and 3) 15-Minute Flat Abs.

In order to achieve ideal fitness and weight loss goals, the physical activity in the program is combined with a low calorie meal plan. Each day the selection of food is varied while still focused on portion control and the correct balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Recipes for all fifteen meals and preparation tips are included in the meal plan guide.

Also included in the Speedbody Kit is a 30-day Fast Track Calendar. The purpose of the calendar is to inform the users which combination of videos to use on a daily basis. It also designates rest days, which are vital for muscle repair and recovery.

Because of his success in the classroom setting at fitness clubs in New York, Rob Forcelli decided to create Speedbody to help a wider audience reach their fitness goals. It is a great program not only for weight loss, but for weight maintenance as well. In essence, it is a time-saving and money-saving investment.  For the fraction of the price of a gym membership, you can train at home just as intensely as in the exercise studio, but at your convenience at any hour of the day.

Speedbody is so much more that just a great workout. It’s everything you need to totally improve your body. You are guaranteed to be more fit, lean, and active and to feel great about how you look.

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