Who Is Rob Forcelli

Motivating…Knowledgeable…Dedicated…Focused…Driven to succeed…In a nutshell, this is Rob Forcelli. His self confidence, bulldog tenacity, and tireless work ethic have given him the consummate ability torobforcelli-headshot1 help and motivate others through exercise.

Rob and his three siblings were born and raised in Yonkers, NY.  Sports were the biggest part of Rob’s childhood and teenage years.  Since adolescence, he has intensely and astutely focused on learning his trade. As a student athlete, he shrewdly observed his coaches and mentors with the goal of mastering the cerebral and psychological aspects of sports, which he viewed to be just as vital as improving his physical skill set.  Through the years, he has kept up to date with all the new and innovative techniques in the fitness industry. Rob knows what works and what it takes to truly inspire and guide others to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle.

kick-boxingRob has thrived in the business of fitness for over 25 years.  He uses the experience he acquired as a multi-talented athlete, combined with his unmatched ability as a personal trainer and motivator, to create a unique and powerful workout regimen that keeps both his group and individual training sessions completely booked.  Known for his focus, determination, and passion, Rob has changed the lives of hundreds of people through his fitness programs.  He has created a fanatical group of die-hard exercisers who line up for his classes and pack themselves into gyms and training studios.  His following of celebrities, pro athletes, Wall Street titans, and soccer moms has reached levels of fitness and weight loss they never dreamed of achieving.  The loyalty and retention of his supporters prove that his training concepts work.

Rob has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, athlete, model, actor, and one of the most popular fitness trainers in Westchester County, New York. His philosophy is simple:  “Bring Your Best and Nothing Less” to any workout, goal, activity, or life experience.  This motto fosters a winning attitude and positive outlook—ideals which he views as more important than six-pack abs or toned biceps.  Rob prides himself on his ability to help others reach their personal fitness and life goals.  It is his passion; he measures his success by the satisfaction and results of his clients.

Good things happen when hard work, passion, and action collide!

body-buildingwebsite pix 002website pix 003website pixgolden-gloves2golden-gloves3golden-gloves7golden-gloves6golden-gloves5golden-gloves4Rob Forcelli play basketball at Duke's K Academy